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If you enjoy playing blackjack but don’t have the time to spend in front of a PC, don’t sweat it. There are dozens of high-performance blackjack apps that you can download right now. The beauty of these software applications is that they’re paired with high tech devices stacked and packed with all you’ll need to unleash mind-blowing ZAR gaming on the go.

Play Blackjack with Real Money on iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows

The best real money blackjack app is one that’s designed for a particular operating system. If you’re into the awesomeness of Android, the wow factor of Windows or the electrifying performance of iOS, you can install blackjack magic that’s custom built for your device. That means seriously slick gaming that doesn’t lag, lock or freeze the moment you’ve got 21 in your hand!

Consider the Odds to Find the Best Real Money Blackjack App

Before you whip out your device and fire up the game engines of the likes of a blackjack iPad real money app, we advise you to think about the odds. These elusive indicators determine how likely it is you’ll beat the dealer over the long term. The odds are really a reflection of the house edge.

What that means is that along with uninterrupted performance, the best real money blackjack app is one that has the lowest house edge. What’s the house edge? It’s the average profit a mobile casino makes on a player’s bet. A low house edge equates to the best odds of winning for you, the player.  

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Spanish 21

This is one of the most popular blackjack variations. The tens are removed from the deck. This game has many player-friendly rules and a large number of extra bonus payments.

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In this game, both of the dealer’s cards are dealt face down. To make up for this disadvantage, blackjack pays 2-1 and any five-card hand 21 or under also pays 2-1. The dealer wins all ties.

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Face Up 21

In this game, both of the dealer’s cards are dealt face up for all players to see. Blackjack pays 1-1. You can double only hard 9, 10, or 11 but you can also double after splitting.

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Atlantic City Blackjack

This game is very similar to classic blackjack but it has a late surrender rule that heavily favors the player. After the dealer checks for blackjack, players are allowed to surrender.

Use a Basic Blackjack Strategy and Slash the House Edge

The great news is that when you play classic blackjack with real money on iPhone or Android according to a basic strategy, you can knock the average 0.13 percent house edge down to as low as 0.5 percent. In real terms that means you lose an average of just five cents on every R10 wager. In other words, mobile blackjack has one of the best odds of winning when compared to the likes of mobile slots or video poker!

Play Blackjack with Real Money on iPhone with the Lowest House Edge

To add to the thrill factor, casino game developers have come up with all sorts of exciting variations of classic blackjack. Although you won’t find all the variants on the mobile gaming platform, there are still loads of options that have different rules, pay outs… and, more importantly, odds.

As an example, one of the leading online and mobile casino software developers, Microgaming has come up with four mobile blackjack games. Aside from Classic Blackjack which, as we already know, has a house edge of 0.13 percent, you can load the European Blackjack Gold, Atlantic City Gold or Premier Blackjack casino app real money onto your device.

The question is; which one is the best real money blackjack app in terms of odds? The answer is Classic Blackjack… by far. With a house edge of 0.35 percent, Atlantic City is the next best MGS blackjack app followed by Premier and European Blackjack Gold which share a comparatively high house edge of 0.42 percent.

Best Blackjack Casino App Real Money Game Variants

Although you can learn more about the different variations by visiting our ‘Blackjack Types’ page, here’s a list of some of the most popular blackjack variants, many of which are available on the mobile gaming platform:

  • Blackjack with Perfect Pairs
  • Caribbean Blackjack
  • Face Up 21
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Blackjack Surrender
  • Match Play 21
  • Pontoon
  • Super 21
  • Live Blackjack

How to Maximise the Performance of the Best Real Money Blackjack App

New generation blackjack apps are quick to install, feature high-end graphics and function seamlessly on any device. However, you can maximise performance by choosing a smartphone or tablet that has the best specs for gaming.

Ideally, you want a device with a multicore processor, around 256 to 512 MB of RAM and the best Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) money can buy. Provided your hardware is high end, you’ll be able to enjoy ZAR gaming that’s as efficient and entertaining as Hollywood, Bollywood or Netflix movies.

Why Register an Account at a Recommended Mobile Casino

Along with great hardware and software, you can optimise your blackjack betting sessions by registering an account at a blackjack real money recommended mobile casino featured on this page. You’ll not only benefit from a bounty of bonuses, promotions and loyalty points, but you’re also guaranteed quick cash outs and absolute discretion when it comes to the security and privacy of your banking data and personal information.

More importantly, if you encounter any problems downloading the mobile casino, redeeming a bonus code or withdrawing the wads of cash you’ve just won playing the best real money blackjack app, you can contact customer service with a tap and a swish.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem, you can always get hold of the licensing and regulatory authority tasked with resolving disputes quickly and amicably. With this sort of player protection, you can rest assured anything you win playing blackjack on your iPad, iPhone or Android device is yours to enjoy.

What are you waiting for? Sign up, install the best real money blackjack app and play the game optimally using a basic blackjack strategy. Then it’s simply a matter of watching in wonder as your bankroll grows and grows!

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